Friday, June 6, 2014

What is it?

What is love? What is it?

You get hurt, you cry, and they’ll probably not know. And there’s always someone wrong when there’s an argument. You keep quiet, it means you’re angry. You talk, and you say the wrong words. You’re not angry, and he thinks you are. You smile, and he thinks it’s fake. You try making up for it, but you make things worsts. And you don’t know how to start the conversation back again.

You get butterflies. You forget what’s bothering you, the moment you see him. You hold hands because it’s comforting. You hug each other because it gives you security. You know he’ll always be protecting you, and you know he’ll always be there.

All these happy moments, is it only in the beginning?

Why the fck are there arguments in the first place anyways? What’s so fun about it? The thrill or the drama?
I’ve felt it so many times; my heart can’t take it anymore. The pain is really unbearable. Many a times, I thought this isn’t worth it. I should give up.

But I know if I lose you, I’d regret not holding on. I’d regret losing you. So I’ve made up my mind to continue getting hurt and being happy at the same time. It’s hard to fall in love with the right people. And it’s hard to keep a relationship going. You get hurt and you fall down. And if both parties hold on to their egos and refuse to give in, there goes the relationship. It’ll never be coming back ever again. And there goes your friendship.

When you’re in an argument, remember how you started going out in the first place. Start remembering how you met, how he hates you so much in the beginning. And how both of you suddenly got close. How he surprises you during Valentines. How all those moments last till today.

Fixing is better than replacing. That’s how you aim for the long run. 

xoxo deb 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Simple and Easy

Laughter may be something that we've once genuinely had. One of the many expressions that we showed genuinely to the people we love, but as we grow, it gradually changed.
As we grow, we tend to forget how to smile, how to laugh or even how to cry when we truly mean it. There are so many things that we can hardly express with mere words and we don’t really know how to add the right expressions to it. And with all these jumbled up together; misunderstandings, conflicts, arguments and all those negative thoughts would surface.

But, all these would clear up easily, if and only if, people would be true to their own feelings. Laugh when they truly want to.

Back in my days when we were still kids, we’d go to the park almost every day. Smiling and laughing seemed so simple and natural back then. The mere thought of running around the park, playing and having fun brought tears to my eyes.

Tears of memories and tears of joy.

Everything was so simple and easy when we were kids; na├»ve and pure, but now, it’s so different. It’s so hard to smile openly anymore, when there is so much in mind. Studies, work, the hectic routine of our everyday life makes it harder and harder for us to laugh at anything anymore. Even funny jokes seem lame at times. #truestory

Hey! This post is not to bring you down, or depress you. It doesn’t matter how hard or how hectic life is to you; we’re supposed to take in everything and make it better. That’s the reason why God created human, and He allowed us to choose the path that we ourselves chooses to take. It’s because He truly believes that we’re capable to choose and make choices in life that would make ourselves happy. Where we are able to smile and laugh truly. He believes that our own mind and choices would bring us happiness.

So don’t fret, stay simple, stay happy. Even when you’re facing so many problems, that if you write it out, 10 empty thick books wouldn’t be enough. So what? As long as you smile and laugh, everything would seem simple to you.

Did you know?

One should laugh a good amount every day. Not only is it good for health, it burns calories and produces a natural energy booster. (Source from

“If it’s beautiful day, you shouldn't stop yourself from smiling.”

xoxo deb

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Own SuperMom!

Mother’s day is just around the corner. It’s the day all of us rejoice and celebrate for our Mum.

After so many years, 21 years in total, I’ve been indebted to my Mom. To me, she’s my SuperMom, no one in the world could ever take her spot in my heart. I can’t really say I’m proud to have this mother because it’s not my place to say that, but all I can say is that I’m really fortunate and happy I could be her daughter.

For all these years, she has been by my side. Holding me up when I was about to fall. Picking me up when I fell. But there was nothing I could really give to her. Making her a card would make her happy, but would it be enough? Buying her gifts would make her nag. You know how mum is with gifts right? Till the end, all she would ever want is for her daughters to graduate and live a happy life.

Just a few weeks ago, things didn’t really go well for me. And my gastric started coming back. Being a mother, she was really worried, but she didn’t know how to approach me. So she came up with a lie. Asking me to return home and saying that she would really want to see me. Telling me, the election is coming up, and that I should return home to take cover from all the chaos. But in truth, she wanted me to go home to take a breather. So that I could get away from all the sh*ts that has been happening. I have to admit, that breather really helped me calm things down. She uses the funniest ways to make me tell her my problems, but you know, as a daughter, I like to tease my mom too :)

Let me tell you a little something. When we were still little kids, we would always wait for our mum to come back at night. And we would make a fashion show using her clothes. Other than fashion shows, there was a mini concert too. I could still remember clearly the song we sang during a Mother’s day long ago. It was Mama by Spice girls. Coming home from work, feeling really tired, all we could do was a little show to make her smile. Luckily she smiled. But she was the one cleaning up our mess after the show and I’m telling you, she’s not really happy with the after-show.

I remember once when I got lost, it was in Langkawi. I was looking for seashells. And I swayed off from the group. When I figured out that I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. But I remembered clearly that, at that moment, I prayed to God, I said, I’d do anything to go back to my Mum right now. And I begged. I begged for God to return me back to my mother. Then at that moment, I saw a hot chick lying down on the chair. I remembered she was sun bathing and I went straight up to her for her help. Crying and telling her that I’ve lost my mom. In the end, she took me to my mother that was just a few steps away. I got embarrassed right away. But I was more than happy to have found her again. My own SuperMom.

So I say. Being a mother ain’t an easy thing to do. Which is why, I’m trying my hardest to achieve the things my Mom wants. To graduate and to make her proud.

xoxo deb